Welcome to Oneiros Gallery – the virtual gallery where my work from the past few years is accessioned. This section of the gallery is devoted to new work (up to early summer, 2021).

In order to categorize and “accession” my work from the past two years, I created a virtual art gallery, the Oneiros Gallery (from the Greek word for dream).

This is the entrance to the Oneiros Gallery including the list of 12 or so  featured paintings. While the gallery itself is virtual (i.e. digital 3-d) the work is real (oil on canvas), framed and sized as shown.  Details of the paintings are available in Gallery One (see menu).

Here are a few additional views of the interior of Oneiros Gallery.



Additional views of Oneiros Gallery. A workspace for artists is located on the lower level. (The object in the glass case is an Egyptian artifact on loan from a different collection.)

Below left: this is the hallway leading to the studios. The artists themselves collaborate on decisions regarding featured artwork in the studio area; in this case, a Cimabue altarpiece (late 13th century) is juxtaposed with the Francis Bacon Crucifix it inspired.

Below: two views of the studio interior. Aside from the posters, the work shown is based on current work in progress (oil paintings and digital sketches). See also Gallery Two.

Currently on the Easel

Work in progress (oil on canvas) as of December 2020.