Summer 2024. I spent some time in May-June re-organizing my “gallery” pages, hence going over and taking a close look at paintings from the past few years. This one, for example, “Penitent Magdalene,”  a large (5 ft wide) oil painting from 2018. After a bit of contemplation, though I felt good about the canvas over-all, I decided to re-work the face of the Magdalene figure (using some of the new creative tools I have acquired over the past couple of years). Work on this is currently in progress (detail at right). Similarly for 3 or 4 other paintings . . . see below.




I also decided, on a bit of a whim, to frame a painting from the early 70s: Self Portrait as Lapsed Sabbatarian (upper left). The hand work on the frame was therapeutic, and seeing the older painting with recent work (like Ball-Joint Doll Crucifix, lower left, from 2024) led to sketching and reflection. The theme of the painting is introspection and guilt, and recent sketches include this one (right): Two Girls Breaking the Ten Commandments in a Rose Garden. Therapy, yes! Will this lead to a great set of new paintings? This is currently unclear.




The Rainbow. This is another relatively large painting (h = 45 in.) from a few years earlier (2013) that I decided to re-work. Taking a closer look (after having the painting in a storage area of the studio for a few years) I was quite pleased with the painting over-all, but not entirely satisfied with the way I had handled the hair. Re-working this portion of the painting is currently in-progress. (The theme: Yes, “Jesus” seems to be vomiting a rainbow. Though I am not “locked in” to any particular interpretation, I would point out that I had been reading/thinking about experiences of “mystic revelation” induced by ayahuasca, DMT, and other such entheogens at the time. I recall one participant in an ayahuasca “trip” saying that in the initial phases she felt like she was vomiting light or rainbows.)




The Book of Dolls (h = 4 ft.). This depiction of a mystical blood transfusion is currently nearing completion; I have been gradually re-working and polishing areas of the painting, leaving it to dry for a few days, working on something else, then coming back to it. Working slowly has given me time to re-evaluate the painting and I decided to re-work the doll figure (and a few other areas as well).


This is a small painting of dolls in a rose garden. The painting is perhaps 2/3 finished with a particular focus on the re-configuration of the central doll. Part of this process is perhaps evidence of mild obsessive-compulsive tendencies on my part?




In order to categorize and “accession” my work from the past two years, I created a virtual art gallery, the Oneiros Gallery (from the Greek word for dream).

This is the entrance to the Oneiros Gallery including the list of 12 or so  featured paintings. While the gallery itself is virtual (i.e. digital 3-d) the work is real (oil on canvas), framed and sized as shown.  Details of the paintings are available in Gallery One (see menu).

Here are a few additional views of the interior of Oneiros Gallery.

Below left: this is the hallway leading to the studios. The artists themselves collaborate on decisions regarding featured artwork in the studio area; in this case, a Cimabue altarpiece (late 13th century) is juxtaposed with the Francis Bacon Crucifix it inspired.